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Ganapathy Games

Our gaming concern was established in 2013. Ganapathy Games is dedicated unit to design and develop games in multi-platform of Windows,Android,Mac and IOS. Currently we are into the 2d gaming for all platforms.Our design genres are Action, Adventure, Aptitude, Strategy, Real time Strategy, Racing, Simulation and Fantasy. Any bugs in our game please report to our page so we can fix it and enhance your gaming perfomance.Soon we will step in all gaming genres. We welcome all game developers and freelancers to join our concern to develop high profilic games.

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Otrai - ஒற்றை

Have fun with this Otrai game. Your goal is to have the sphere on all of the wheel but don’t leave him stranded.

Move the frog horizontally or vertically with the swiping around and remember that the wheels will change green after the Sphere has moved off them. Think hard about how you can solve the puzzles, find a solution for each of the 60+ stages and enjoy all our games.

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Maths Master

This app is developed to sharp the senses on the go or on free time.The main firm of the app is to develope arithmetic skills.Every single human on this planet are versed in arithmetic but what makes us extraordinary is the speed and accuracy to do it...You can increase your speed and accuracy on arithmetic calculations by practicing on our app.This app is open to all ages.

The Pro version has all arithmetic operation and the randomization of numbers has a large range. There is also an analyzer mode (20 20) where you can test your skills to be proven in the given number of Question.